• The secret to a good night's sleep

    Stay in the market without having to stress over it. This averaging contract can help you bring home a good price for your grain.

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  • For the best wheat yields, make two applications of fungicide

    If you want the biggest yield, then making two applications of fungicide is a no-brainer. Here’s what to apply and how to get the best coverage.

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  • Make your barley the First Choice for maltsters.

    Our program gives you greater flexibility and control over pricing, cash flow and movement.

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  • Beat the rush!

    Don't wait until spring – here are three reasons to take your fertilizer home this winter.

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  • Camrose is the future.

    The evolution of canola crushing is coming to Alberta. The new crush plant will open in 2015, but you can begin contracting your canola production now.

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