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It all starts with the right seed.

Your farm is unique. A hybrid’s performance on your farm may be very different than its performance in a different geography. To help simplify your next seed decision, we’ve sorted through the data and done in-field research across western Canada to understand how the canola, soybean, and corn seed packages we offer thrive under various growing conditions. 

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Proper nutrition helps your crops achieve their potential.

Fertilizer purchases represent a significant investment in your crop. There are agronomic, logistical and cost implications to consider. You can simplify your decisions with a plan that accounts for each of these factors, with your crop’s nutritional needs as a starting point. Plus, by working with Cargill we can help you build a plan that meets the 4R principles of the right source, right rate, right time and right place, setting up your farm for long-term success and sustainability.  

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You need a credit option that fits your timeline.

You need a solution that’s designed for farmers and fits your unique cash flow needs. We can help you make crop inputs purchases when you can get the best deal for your farm and you can make payments when you earn your income.  

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