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First Choice® Malt Barley 2022-2023

Make your barley the First Choice for maltsters. With Cargill's First Choice program, you can increase the likelihood of your barley being selected for malt. This program provides you with more flexibility and options, allowing you to establish a contract that's right for you.

The deadline has been extended to May 31, 2022. Contact your local Cargill representative to sign-up now.

Put yourself on the path to success with a diverse grain marketing plan.

So often in life, success is the result of hard work and preparation. Selling grain is no different. You put the hard work into your farm. Let’s make sure you’re prepared to profit with a grain marketing plan that capitalizes on opportunities and helps protect you from the unexpected. 

Diversify your grain marketing plan.

Building a grain marketing plan is a lot like building an investment portfolio — diversification is an important strategy for managing risk and getting better returns. We’ve seen time and again that farmers who use a combination of contracts in their grain marketing plans typically sell for higher prices and return better profits.

Need help creating a plan?

When you sell grain with Cargill’s MarketSense, you’re supported by a dedicated team of market analysts and local advisors with a global perspective. Our team watches the markets around the clock, gathers data from around the world, helps you understand the ins and outs of grain marketing, and partners with you to build and execute a personalized grain marketing plan.