Cargill Specialty Canola

What’s your top business need for 2014?

The coming growing season offers the opportunity to find new solutions to traditional challenges. We understand your needs and can help address your most pressing business priorities with our Specialty Canola Program.

Returns per acre

There’s a formula for financial success, and our program is uniquely equipped to help you maximize each variable in your profit equation. With our higher-yielding hybrids, valuable premium and risk-free price hedge, we’ll help you create higher returns for your farm while minimizing risk.

Higher Yields

Think only commodity canola hybrids generate top-flight yields? Take a fresh look at VICTORY® V-Class™ V12-1 and V12-2 and InVigor® Health hybrids. They’re proven to generate consistently superior yields that will maximize your production and drive greater top-line revenue. 

Program Simplicity

Farming is tough enough. You don’t need programs that add more complexity to your operation. The flexible Cargill Specialty Canola Program helps you make even smarter financial decisions. Our known prime basis brings simplicity to your life, and our higher-yielding hybrids and risk-free price hedge add higher returns to your bottom line.

Don't take our word for it – hear why Saskatchewan producer Darwin Kells participates in Cargill's Specialty Canola program:


If you’re a grower in Western Canada and want to learn more about VICTORY® and InVigor® Health Hybrids, call 1-888-855-8558.

Or, if you have a technical question or are interested in food applications, call us at 1-800-323-6232 or 1-208-227-9099.



VICTORY® V-Class™ V12-1 and V12-2

Exceptional traits plus a specialty premium

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VICTORY® v2045

Higher yields and improved standability

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L Series InVigor® Health L156H Hybrid

Higher yield, higher returns, simple program, no compromises

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