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Farming is more than growing crops and selling grain.

It's a thousand decisions along the way.

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Sow the seeds to success

Canola varieties are constantly changing and picking a variety that fits can get tricky. Let us do the heavy lifting for you with seed recommendations customized to your needs. Cargill agronomists have highlighted their top seed picks by location based on growing zone and agronomic factors with our new seed selector tool.

Find your perfect seed picks

Aim higher with the VICTORY Canola Program

Our newest hybrids combine high yield potential with TruFlex™ Technology

Take control with our easy, five-step program. Contact your local Cargill representative today to secure acres or click below to learn more. 


Proper nutrition helps your crops achieve their potential.

Fertilizer purchases represent a significant investment in your crop. There are agronomic, logistical and cost implications to consider. You can simplify your decisions with a plan that accounts for each of these factors, with your crop’s nutritional needs as a starting point. Plus, by working with Cargill we can help you build a plan that meets the 4R principles of the right source, right rate, right time and right place, setting up your farm for long-term success and sustainability.  

Learn how to make the most of your fertilizer dollar

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