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Some older herbicides might help fight resistance, but may be less convenient than common spray application methods.

Applying Edge in the fall with a Valmar on a harrow drawbar, harrowing once in fall and once in spring before seeding is enough incorporation for effective weed control.

Treflan, Edge and Avadex® are all still on the market. They’re becoming more popular again and provide extra herbicide groups to fight weed resistance issues.  Adding one of these products provides another tool in the resistance management fight. 

To use Edge, growers are spreading the granular product with a Valmar applicator mounted on a harrow bar. A lot of our customers harrow cereal stubble anyways, to manage some of that extra trash, especially if it was a high-yielding crop.. 

Harrowing Edge once in the fall will provide a decent level of incorporation, but running over it again with harrows in the spring before you seed is a best practice because it re-disturbs the product in the soil again in the spring, and uses increasing spring temperatures to enhance activation time.  If applied in the spring, harrowing the field once will be sufficient as the soil is typically warmer than fall and will still allow good activation.

In the spring, everyone wants to get seeding as soon as they can. If it’s a dry spring, they might not want to dry out the soil more with harrows. But that often can make a difference in final weed control. 

Last year, the guys that harrowed their fall applied Edge again in the spring, with the dry conditions, really benefited in the long run. Once we started getting some moisture and weed germination, that’s when the residual control really started to show. 


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