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Bring power back to your crop by stamping out canola volunteers

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By Brett Teetaert March 19, 2018

When volunteer canola pushes its way into your crop

Some people believe volunteer canola won’t rob yield because at the end of the day, it’s producing canola seed alongside the crop. But think about it this way: your canola plants are competing for light, nutrients, and moisture, which makes volunteer canola one of the worst weeds we deal with in western Canada. To wipe out this competition, ensure your pre-seed pass has the right herbicide to target volunteer canola.

As an agronomist I’ve worked with farmers who have Roundup Ready® canola in the rotation and those who have never grown it. Here’s the thing…they still both battle Roundup Ready canola volunteers. Obviously trying to spray straight glyphosate will not control Roundup Ready canola volunteers. So we’re left with determining what will control it.

Products with the active ingredient bromoxynil tank-mixed with 1L equivalent of glyphosate will control all bio types of canola at the 1-4 leaf stage.

Two popular products to spray prior to seeding canola are:

  • Pardner® (bromoxynil)
  • Conquer™ (bromoxynil + carfentrazone)

When tank-mixed with glyphosate, both of these will do a good job controlling volunteer canola and many other weeds. However, Conquer adds another active ingredient to the mix. Make sure to talk with your local representative to determine which one best fits your operation.


Always reand and follow herbicide label directions. Roundup Ready® is a registered trademark of Bayer Group, Monsanto Canada Inc. licensee. Pardner® is a registered trademark of Bayer. Conquer™ is a trademark of Nufarm Ltd.

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Brett Teetaert

Brett is looking forward to using his knowledge on soil fertility and weed management to help find farmers practical solutions. Brett grew up on a mixed family farm near Medora Manitoba, where at an early age he developed a passion for agriculture. Before attending university Brett worked on multiple farms including a 35,000 acre farm in Australia. After graduating from University of Manitoba with a Diploma in Agriculture in 2013, Brett gained a wide range of experience through working as a Sales Agronomist in the southeast and southwest corners of Manitoba, working as a Research Technician out of Melita, as well as running his own family farm. Brett joined Cargill in 2017 as a Market Development Agronomist. He is looking forward to using his knowledge on soil fertility and weed management to help find farmers practical solutions that will work best on their farm and working hands-on in the field. Brett wants to help you make the best decision for you and your crops!