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Fall-applied herbicide in pulses, soybeans and wheat

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By Ryan Mollenbeck August 28, 2020

Harvest is your opportunity to go over all your land one more time and see how you did with weed control. Are there winter annuals in the field where you’re planning to grow pulses, soybeans or spring wheat? Post-harvest is the best time to control weeds that emerge in late summer, grow in the fall, overwinter and then go to seed in the spring.


Post-harvest applications are now more convenient


Fierce®  is a wettable granular herbicide that you mix in the spray tank. One box covers 128 acres, and it’s easier to use than competitor products as it mixes in easily. Valtera™ is a liquid herbicide. One box covers 80 acres, which makes calculating the amount of product you need simple. You can apply these Nufarm products with the sprayer you have.

Application timing is also uncomplicated. You can apply these herbicides any time before the ground freezes—the moisture from snow cover and early spring precipitation is what activates the product. The later you apply these products, the better.


Fall-applied herbicide is common in pulse regions


Valtera and Fierce are popular in areas where there are a lot of pulse acres, such as lentils. That’s because weed control options are limited in pulses, so if you can get a handle on harder-to-kill weeds early on, you should.

It’s only been in the last four years that growers have been using Valtera and Fierce post-harvest, yet I’ve watched it become a well-accepted practice in pulse regions.


Get control of winter annuals


As you’re harvesting, take note of the weeds you see in the field:

  1. Do you see problem weeds such as sow thistle, green foxtail or dandelion?
  2. Do you plan to seed pulses, soybeans or wheat next season?

If you can answer yes to both of those questions, then apply Valtera (Group 14) or Fierce (Group 14 and Group 15) post-harvest.

Valtera and Fierce only control weeds that will emerge in the spring, not weeds that are already growing in the fall. Include a tank mix such as glyphosate in your application to control actively growing weeds. These herbicide combinations are effective on dandelion and thistle, and it will give you another mode of action to slow the development of glyphosate-resistant kochia.

The earlier you can get these weeds under control, the cleaner your field will be when next year’s crop is emerging. You can reserve fall herbicide for your field by filling out our online form


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Always read and follow label directions. Valtera™ and Fierce® are trademarks of Valent U.S.A. LLC.

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Ryan grew up on a mixed farm in Englefeld, SK, where at an early age he developed a passion for agriculture. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, Ryan gained a wide range of experiences. His interests include new technology and automation, developments in biological products, and regenerative agriculture. Ryan joined Cargill in 2019 and is currently a Market Development agronomist in the Rosetown and Kindersley area. As a Certified Crop Advisor, Ryan enjoys scouting fields and solving problems for producers. When he's not reading up on the latest products, you could find him taking photographs around Saskatchewan (maybe even storm chasing) or cooking at home.