Customer Information


Delayed Payments

We are aware of the payment delays for grain deliveries, following the implementation of a new technology system at Cargill. We apologize for the impact this has had on our Canadian customers and our teams are dedicated to fulfilling all contracts as soon as possible.

We know that this experience is not what customers expect from Cargill. We are committed to a high level of service and are in frequent communication with the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) as we navigate this issue, with focused priority on quick resolution for our farm customers.

We ask anyone currently experiencing payment delays to reach out to their local Cargill representative if they haven’t already done so. 

Or send us an email via and we will respond to you promptly.


Other Updates

We recently upgraded our core systems to provide a better customer experience in the future. We do however know that we are currently experiencing issues and growing pains with those new systems. If you are logging into your account, there will be several things that may not be working as expected:
  • Some documents may not be available for e-Signature at this time. If the contract is not available, rest assured that your contract with Cargill is good
  • Some contracts will say they need to be signed, but you may have already signed them. If you know you have signed them, please be confident that you can disregard the status in
  • Some Settlement Documents are currently unavailable for download. Should you need the actual Settlement document, and not just the settlement information, please contact your local Cargill representative, and they will be able to get the document for you.

We will update this announcement here as these issues above and others are resolved.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these internal challenges.

Your Cargill Team