Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips

Helpful advice to keep your season bright.

Every week during the holiday season, Cargill experts will count down their tips and tricks focused on agronomy and grain marketing. Check back each week for new tips, or subscribe to have the entire list sent to your inbox.


Keep on top of the markets

We all want to start the new year on the right foot. If that means following grain markets more closely to inform your grain marketing decisions, we’ve got just the tool to help. Courtesy of the Grain Marketing Academy, download a pdf of United States Department of Agriculture and Statistics Canada report dates, or even send them directly to your mobile device (Google, Outlook & Apple).


Start your planning early

This is the year you’re going to be organized and get the agronomic help you need! Start now by taking our crop planning tool for a test drive.


Up your marketing game

They say the first step in getting into shape is getting off the couch. You could consider taking a more diversified approach to grain marketing as your first step to getting into better financial shape. We’ve put together these simple, straightforward categories for classifying all your grain marketing decisions.

Read the blog post here.


High (and low) lights of the growing season

What Boxing Week would be complete without a year-in-review video? Join our national agronomy leader Walter Ens for a look back at the triumphs and challenges of the 2018 growing season.

Watch the video here.


3. Keeping safety on your mind

We tried to keep safety at the forefront in 2018, even as harvest became an ever-more desperate race against time and weather. This message from the fall applies whenever stress, speed and farm work collide.


Celebrate the people around you

There’s a lot going on at this time of year, and we all think we can go it alone. But isn’t it good to know you can lean on the people around you? This year, rely on our team to help battle the weed villains on your farm. Our agronomists have started with nine of the worst weed offenders in western Canada and have offered up tips on identification, control timing and more. See our top villains here.


Take stock of yourself and your business

As the season speeds up around you, why not slow down and do something for yourself? Cargill’s MarketSense advisory service is now offering the Grain Marketing Academy, which serves up six personalized lessons via email. Whether you’re a marketing veteran or a vigilant marketer, there’s something here for you. If we’ve done our job of choosing this gift, what you learn in the Marketing Academy should pay dividends in 2019.


Protect yourself

If this time of year has you concerned about ensuring you can take financial care of your family and business, rest assured you can take steps to protect your farm profits. We recently introduced a grain contract aimed specifically at helping protect a price for your grain. Learn more about the Daily Floor Plus® contract here.


4. Take time to appreciate the little things

Sometimes it truly is the little things that count the most. Depending on where you live and farm, you may already be keenly aware of what little things you’re missing. When it comes to feeding your crops, pay attention to the really little things – micronutrients – that can either be a limiting factor or push you over the top in terms of yield and grain quality. What do you need more of? In this year’s blogs, we covered Boron, Copper, and Zinc


Fill your pods

No matter your level of experience with growing soybeans or your geography, you can find the advice you need from Cargill’s agronomy team. We put together this list of expert blogs from 2018 to stuff your stocking. There’s something to get every kind of soybean grower thinking.

Way out west? Read how soybeans are fast becoming an option across Alberta.

Or are you still considering in SK?

Pushing for better yields? Learn more about RR1 and RR2Y soybeans or find out how to reduce the risk of IDC.


Take advantage of the gift of global demand

Western Canada is a relatively new player in soybeans, but there are plenty of market opportunities out there for our beans. Cargill soybean merchant Corey Mamchuck gives us the lowdown of where the demand is coming from in his latest blog post.


Check your list - twice

It was a year that seemed dominated by social media, and the soybean market road a roller-coaster set-in motion by Twitter. MarketSense Risk Manager Dave Reimann has neatly packaged up the analysis as soybean markets continue to roll along.


Get a last-minute gift for yourself

Are you looking for more information on grain markets? Are you in the market for a benchmarking tool? Could you be looking to offload a portion of your grain marketing decisions to someone else? If any of these describes your grain marketing needs, a ProPricing contract is a great gift to stuff in your own stocking this holiday season.

You've only got four days left to act! The ProPricing signup deadline is December 17.