Clean up your act by ridding yourself of cleavers

Written by Brett Teetaert on Mar 19 2018

Category: Grow Grain

If cleavers are the usual suspects in your field, cut them down with these tips

Cleavers aren’t an issue through all of western Canada, but they are becoming more common and tougher to control. They germinate in spring and have been able to overwinter when the conditions are right. Liberty® in-crop isn’t the strongest on cleavers, so you’ll want to avoid relying on it alone. That means getting them pre-emergence.

Cleaver seeds are very tough to separate from canola as they are both round and relatively similar in size. If you are one of the unlucky ones who get to manage this weed, Command® 360 ME is a strong option. It is a pre-emergent product that can be tank-mixed with glyphosate. Keep in mind there are a few restrictions and always check the label before using. Command requires a 5 to 10 mm rain after application to become activated.

Your crop is at its highest potential the moment that seed is planted. Depending on your weed spectrum, there are excellent options to be able to give your InVigor® canola the best chance for success.

Always read and follow herbicide label directions. Liberty® and InVigor® are trademarks of trademarks of BASF Corporation used under license. Command® 360 ME is a registered trademark of FMC of Canada.

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