Safety tips at seeding time

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It’s the start of the season and the pressure is on to get the seed in the ground. Before you get started, take a bit of time to think about safety.


Seeding time is upon us. Getting the field work completed is always the ultimate goal, however making sure it is done safely is key.  Juggling multiple tasks in a short timeframe, with other people involved, is the best recipe for a potential farm accident.  Injuries will tack on more time in the long run, as well as compromise you, your family, or your workers’ well-being.  The best policy is to plan ahead and make sure they don’t happen.

Take some time to re-familiarize yourself with equipment in the spring 

Even though you are no stranger to running equipment, you may not have operated it for an entire year. Before running the tractor, or other equipment, take a few minutes to remember where controls are and how the tractor runs.

Train new staff appropriately 

Every piece of equipment is a little bit different.  Taking some time upfront to prevent injuries will save time in the long run.

Be aware and avoid distracted driving

It’s easy to have your mind wander when spending hours in a tractor cab.  Know what you’re doing, what is going on around you and avoid multi-tasking.

Have a plan especially when you work with others 

Hold a quick “Tool Box” meeting or a quick coffee break at the start of each day to run through the day’s plan, what everyone will be working on and who to contact in case of an emergency. 

To ensure that everyone goes home safely, slow down, be aware and have a plan.  Ensuring everyone can go home to their family at the end of each day in the same condition as when they started the day is part of our safety culture at Cargill.  We hope it is yours as well.


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