Janel Delage

Agronomy Technical Lead

This ag generalist is very excited to share her expertise with anyone eager to learn.

Janel Delage has been involved in the agriculture industry since 2006 – and the majority of those years have been spent in the field. After completing her bachelor of science degree in Agronomy at the University of Saskatchewan, she joined Cargill. Janel has held a number of roles within the company, including location agronomist and agronomy manager. Her current role as Agronomy Project Advisor allows Janel to bring her expertise to a broad range of aspects of the business.

Janel's passion for working in the field extends beyond her day job. She says she is lucky enough to bring her Cargill experience to her family farm and vice versa, and she appreciates the entire agriculture system. Janel considers herself an ag generalist who is very excited to teach anyone eager to learn.

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