Tom Halpenny

Strategic Marketing Specialist

Tom grew up on his family’s farm and has been working with farmers ever since.

Tom Halpenny was born and raised in Kindersley, Saskatchewan where he farmed with his family until 1994. He earned his Diploma in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and then worked for Saskatchewan’s Minister of Agriculture and the Premier of Saskatchewan. He joined the Canadian Wheat Board in 1994 and served in a number of roles, acquiring deep knowledge of the Canadian grain industry, Canada’s end use grain customers and the sales process.

Tom owned and operated a consulting company for approximately a decade, offering farm financial management, business planning and government consulting. During that time, he worked with over 400 farm families in Saskatchewan and Alberta. He was also involved in the statutory review of the Canada Grain Act and Canadian Grain Commission in 2006. Soon after, Tom helped found and build a food ingredient business that manufactured and sold mustard products across the globe. 

Tom joined Cargill as Regional Manager, Grain Marketing Services in 2013 and brought his experience and knowledge to AgHorizons Canada. In 2015, he assumed the role of Strategic Marketing Specialist, Canada Lead for Cargill Risk Management. 

Tom has a passion for grain marketing. He enjoys helping farmers make better grain marketing decisions to manage their farm business.

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