MyAccount Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of MyAccount – your personal dashboard of grain marketing tools on

My Account on connects you to all kinds of useful tools that can help simplify the business of farming.

Log in with the username and password you received after creating your My Account.

On the home page, you’ll see quick-reference chart of your active contracts.

By default, weights are displayed in metric tonnes. Use the toggle at the top of the page to view units in bushels.

You can also set your preferred unit of measure default on the My Profile page.

Click on the Deliveries tab to view recent grain deliveries, including weights and grades. This page is updated daily at 6:30 p.m. central time so you can always access up-to-date delivery information.

You can also use this page to search for past deliveries and filter results by location or crop. It’s a great tool for tracking historical data.

The Contracts page helps you manage active grain contracts. It also contains a number of filters you can use to sort the information. Similar to the Deliveries page, you can also search for historic contracts created up to three years ago.

Click on the plus sign to view additional details of the contract, including whether or not it’s been rolled or cancelled, along with any additional pricing information.

If you haven’t yet locked in the futures price, click on the calculator icon to view the futures price for your delivery month.

The next three tabs are designed help you manage your active contracts.

Use the Unsigned Documents page to access contracts that still need to be signed and submitted to Cargill.

eSignature users can sign their contracts online. Click on the Read & Sign button to open the contract.

Read through it to make sure the details are correct.

When you’re ready, click on the “Click to sign” link.

The signature field in the contract will turn green. Then you can click on the Submit button to send the signed contract in to Cargill.

If you don’t have eSignature, you can still view PDFs of your contracts. However, you will need to print and submit these documents by fax or in person.

The Nearby Deliveries page helps you prioritize grain shipments. It shows you contracts with past due, current month or next month delivery periods.

For contracts that need your immediate attention, head to the Action Required page. These items require your direction within the next 30 days.

If you’re a subscribed Grain Marketing Services customer, you can quickly access Market Insights, podcasts and your cost of production via the Farm Maximizer all in one place.

You’re ready to start using My Account on If you haven’t yet registered for an account, click on “Not Registered, Click here” to start the process today.