Delivering Grain at the Camrose Crush Plant

Our canola crush plant in Camrose has all kinds of state-of-the-art features designed to streamline grain deliveries. Take a tour.

Our canola crush plant in Camrose has all kinds of state-of-the-art features designed to streamline grain deliveries and get you in and out faster. Here’s what to expect…

From highway 13, turn onto Wild Rose Drive – the new road we built to give trucks easy access to the plant.

If you’re a commercial carrier, make sure the security seals on the trailer are intact.

Drive up to the registration kiosk and take an RFID card. You’ll get a unique card every time you deliver grain. Keep it handy because you’ll need it as you move through the facility.

Scan the RFID card and key in your appointment number, Bill of Lading number, appointment time.

Go ahead and cut any seals from the hopper gates and tarps. You can throw them out before you leave crush plant.

You’re ready to weigh in! Head over to the in-bound scale and stop at the monitor cabinet.

Scan your RFID card and wait for the monitor to display a green arrow – you’re cleared to drive onto the scale.

Position your front hopper underneath the forward-most probe. Watch the lights on the scale panel – they’ll tell you if you need to move to clear the entrance or exit to the scale.

Trucks are probed and weighed simultaneously to make grain deliveries faster and more efficient. Pease remain in the cab for safety.

Check the digital reading on the overhead display, and if it’s significantly different from what you feel your weight should be, notify a member of the grading team.

Once your delivery is probed, graded and weighed, head over to the unloading building and stop at the Lane Assignment monitor.

If your load has passed the grade, monitor will display your appointment number and card number, along with your assigned lane.

Pull into your lane and drive towards the unload bay. Stop at the RFID reader to scan your card.

When the system validates that you’re in the correct lane and the pit lane is clear, the barrier gate will open.

Pull into the pit, open all hopper slides completely and unload your grain.

Once you’ve completed unloading, exit the building and take a moment to make sure all tarps and slides are closed.

Follow the signs to the out-bound scale.

When directed to do so, pull slowly onto the scale.

Scan your RFID card in front of the reader. When the amber processing light comes on, deposit your card in the card slot and the scale will record your unloaded weight.

The weight and grade information will be sent to the producer on the next business day.

Remember that safety is our number one priority at the Camrose crush plant. Please read the Driver Orientation package before delivering your grain. By following the rules and regulations, we’ll keep traffic moving smoothly, efficiently and safely.