Floor Contracts

Protect yourself from volatile markets. Capture upside potential.

Set a minimum price to market your grain with confidence.

Floor contracts are a good strategy to protect yourself from market volatility with a guaranteed minimum futures price — also known as a floor. If you’re bearish about the market, you can combine floor contracts with other market strategies to protect your bottom line while still giving yourself the opportunity to capture upside market potential.



Compare Floor Contracts

Pacer Ultra™

Average daily pricing with added protection and upside. Set it and forget it with average daily pricing like our Pacer contract. With the added advantage of an established floor price and enhanced average pricing window to capture market upside.

  • Price your floor at or above current market levels — with no averaging points below your floor.
  • Capitalize on upside market participation with an enhanced average pricing window.
  • Establish your basis any time prior to delivery and price out at any time.
Use when the market is:
  • Bull
  • Bear
  • Neutral