Cargill Power Canola™

Unlock your access to new markets for Canadian canola

Access additional value potential for your canola

With Cargill Power Canola, you have access to a new domestic market with high growth potential, reducing reliance on export markets while providing additional value potential and full flexibility around your production and market decisions. Get rewarded and recognized for the good agronomic practices you're already using. The Cargill Power Canola program makes it easy for you to unlock access both to this new market and the European biofuel (2BS) market with one simple, secure online enrollment process.

How to enroll:

1. See if this program is a fit by viewing the qualifications below.

2. Follow the link that will take you to your account log-in.

3. Click on the "sustainability" tab.

4. Click to enroll in the program.

5. Enter your field information and sign the attestation.

Not a CargillAg account user? Easy. Fill out this form to get started or contact your local Cargill rep for support.

See if you qualify

To participate in this program, your canola must be grown on land that is not:

Grid Card Image

Designated a protected area

Grid Card Image

Native or biodiverse grassland

Grid Card Image

Home to species at risk

Grid Card Image

A watershed or riparian zone

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Forested or wooded

Do you meet the qualifications? 

If your land meets the qualifications listed above, great! Begin enrolling below. If you're unsure whether your land use allows you to be eligible,  talk with your Cargill rep as they'll be able to help you out.