Certified Canola Program

Get rewarded for being a good steward of your land

Your land use could ensure market access for your canola.

Gaining access to multiple, stable canola export markets is more important than ever.


We know how crucial it is to have a diverse range of customers for Canadian canola. Right now we’re looking for growers like you, who can document that your canola is grown on land that meets the requirements of the European Biomass Biofuel Sustainability (2BS) standards, which represent a great opportunity for Canadian farmers.

Simply answer a few questions about your land, and once your land use is verified, your canola production qualifies for Cargill’s Certified 2BS Canola program.

If for some reason your land use changes, there is no penalty to you. We simply ask that you let us know, and you may be removed from this program.
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Not forested or wooded

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Not home to:

rare, threatened or endangered species

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Not wetland or peatland

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Not designated as a protected area

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Not highly biodiverse

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Not continually forested

New for the 2020 Crop Year: Exclusive Access to Cargill-MyFarms Tool

As part of providing a more transparent supply chain we are introducing the Cargill-MyFarms Tool. This digital platform is designed exclusively for our sustainable programs to help provide traceability on regenerative land stewardship practices. This first of its kind service offers features to help plan and manage your crops and is available at no cost to you simply by certifying your land. 


Farms delivering to ALL Cargill locations, including our Camrose and Clavet crush plants, are eligible to apply at no cost. Simply fill out the online form or talk to your Cargill rep.

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