Canola Fungicide

Know when and what to apply

Getting a return on your fungicide investment comes down to properly staging your crop.

Advice from our experts

"Very good plant stands, thick crops holding the moisture, wet ground beneath the canopy, full blooms and warm weather – these are prime conditions for disease. If guys are going to spray, they need to do it before the disease shows up in their canola field."

– Cody Vogel, Regional Agronomy Manager, Alberta

"With tighter rotations, diseases like Blackleg are starting to become an issue again. Growers can use products such as QUILT® or HEADLINE® to help control these diseases. Optimal timing is 4-6 leaf, just before it bolts, so many growers will put it in with their second herbicide pass."

– Alysa Attema, Agronomic Advisor, Saskatchewan

Our Product Options

We carry the best names in crop protection and can help you choose the right fungicide for your canola based on disease pressure and environmental conditions. Whether you need to protect against significant disease pressure, or, if you have less disease pressure and are looking for an entry level solution we have a product that will meet your needs.




Sclerotinia Products:

Blackleg Products:

For information on the canola fungicides we carry and advice on choosing the right one for your farm, visit your local Cargill location or contact your Cargill Representative.


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