Cereal Fungicide

Time your application to prevent disease outbreaks

When it comes to controlling disease in cereals, timing your application is key. Before choosing your fungicide, you need to determine the stage of your crop and the disease. Cargill’s experts can help you choose from the best names in fungicide and correctly time your application.

Advice from our experts

"Spraying wheat fungicide has generally been a good decision over the last four years. Farmers are getting the best returns when they understand the active ingredients in their chemistry and can correctly stage their crop. That way, they’re spraying when those actives are the most effective."

– Richard Forbes, Agronomic Advisor, Alberta

"The top two questions I get asked are: What controls fusarium head blight and when do I apply it? I’m recommending farmers spray with Prosaro™ or Caramba®, and those products are most effective when the cereal is at the 25% flowering stage."

Mike Folkard, Agronomic Advisor, Ontario

"The flag leaf provides most of the photosynthesis for filling the head, so you want to keep it clean. Fusarium has become a hot topic in some areas of Southern Saskatchewan, so if it's not yet present in your area, a flag leaf application of fungicide is a great option to keep the flag leaf green with minimal disease."

– Alysa Attema, Agronomic Advisor, Saskatchewan

For information on the cereal fungicides we carry and advice on choosing the right one for your farm, visit your local Cargill location or contact your Cargill Representative.