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Whether you’re targetting fall or spring application, our unique product offerings can help you optimize seeding time and yields. Count on Cargill for quality liquid or dry fertilizer, plus the very best in service and convenience. Our sales team can help you make an informed fertilizer decision: they have timely market information and can ground today’s prices against historical analysis.

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MicroEssentials from The Mosaic Company is a breakthrough fertilizer that combines many vital nutrients in one uniquely-formulated, nutritionally-balanced granule. Its make up supplies even distribution and balanced fertilizer across the field. Ask your Cargill Representative how using MicroEssentials can save you time when seeding.

MicroEssentials® S15

Balanced fertilizer is delivered through the analysis of 13-33-0-15S providing season-long sulphur nutrition to your crop because of its equal amounts of elemental and sulphate sulphur. MicroEssentials S15 is only available in Western Canada. 

MicroEssentials® SZ

Balanced fertilizer is delivered through the analysis of 12-40-0-10S-1Zn providing season-long sulphur nutrition to your crop and the added benefit of 1% Zinc. MicroEssentials SZ is available in across Canada. 


The K-Mag brand of fertilizer is a unique, 3-in-1 combination of highly-available sulphur, potassium and magnesium in the forms of langbeinite, potassium magnesium sulphate and sulphate of potash magnesia. These three plant nutrients are essential for plant growth and are vital to profitable crop production. Learn more at K-Mag.com 


This first-of-its-kind micronutrient-enhanced potash fertilizer contains boron and potassium in every granule to help achieve balanced crop nutrition. Learn more at aspirepotash.com


Interested in in premium nitrogen products and/or micronutrients? Cargill offers a full-portfolio of these products as well. Contact a Cargill Representative to learn more.