Copper (Cu)

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Get YaraVita® Procote Copper only (31.3%) or in combination BCMZ: B 3.6% + Cu 6% + Mn 6% + Zn 12%

What it is: A nutrient-dense, oil-based suspension concentrate used to coat granular fertilizer products.


  • Better Nutrient Access: uniform distribution that maximizes crop availability. 
  • Improved Fertilizer Handling: Cargill will coat your desired blend for you, so there is no need for any major operational changes. Pro Tip: it also helps with dust suppression.
  • Increased Return on Investment: balanced nutrition so your crop can achieve its potential. 

**YaraVita® Procote® fits great in the 4R Nutrient Stewardship practice.

(3-15-7-0.7% B, 0.7% Cu, 0.7% Zn) 

What it is: A comprehensive foliar nutrition product used to maximize protein synthesis and address copper deficiencies in cereals.



  • Excellent Partner in the tank: Plays well in the tank with most of the most commonly used herbicides and fungicides.
  • Backed by Quality: Superior wetting agents and surfactants to ensure maximized plant uptake.
  • Designed for Western Canada: loaded with nutrients specific to the needs of western Canadian crops and soils.