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Fertilizer products to give your crop an edge.

Get all the basics plus a range of enhanced products to boost productivity.

The right product can help meet your crop's genetic potential.

Using the right product, source, and rate will not only limit your environmental impact, but it will also ensure an efficient and effective use of your crop nutrition dollars. We have your macro and micronutrient needs covered.



Available from Cargill

Nitrogen (N)


Agrotain is a nitrogen stabilizer applied to urea or UAN as a liquid or dry formulation. It’s a proven urease inhibitor that reduces nitrogen loss due to volatilization. With untreated urea, up to 40% of nitrogen can be lost this way in warm or dry conditions Applying Agrotain is one way of both protecting your investment and reducing the environmental impact of fertilizer volatilization. Use Agrotain for urea or UAN being used on all major crops. Cargill carries the full Agrotain product line including Agrotain Ultra and Agrotain Advanced 1.0.


ESN is a Smart Nitrogen urea granule made up of 44% nitrogen, contained within a flexible pllymer coating, designed to protect the N and allow it to release over 50-80 days. Usable on most major crops, the coating slows the release of nitrogen in response to soil temperature, more closely matching nitrogen availability with crop needs throughout the season.


A nitrogen stabilizer from Koch,  Tribune protects UAN from nitrogen loss. Its two active ingredients Pronitridine and NBPT, have been shown to extend protection from ammonia volatilization up to three times longer than without an inhibitor. It also protects from denitrification and leaching, safeguarding your fertilizer investment and the environment.  


YaraVita Last N is a foliar applied nitrogen product designed to complement your macronutrient fertilizer program, ensure sufficiency and allow your crop to finish strong. This product is commonly used on creals at 2L per acre and is typically applied at the flag leaf stage t post anthesis (similar to Fusarium head blight fungicide timing). It can play a role in improving both yield and protein levels in wheat.

Phosphorus (P)

In addition to standard monoammonium phosphate (MAP), we carry a range of enhanced phosphorus products, including MicroEssentials®, which is the market-leading sulphur-enhanced phosphorus product line that combines key nutrients into a single, nutritionally balanced granule, ensuring uniform nutrient distribution across the field.

MicroEssentials S10 (12-40-0-10%S)

A balanced nutrition product from Mosaic, MicroEssentials S10 can be used on a number of crops and has shown substantial yield advantages over MAP.

MicroEssentials S15 (13-33-0-15% S)

For use on a number of crops, this product has shown a yield advantage of up to 4 bushels per acre over MAP or MAP + AMS when used in canola production and can be better for seed safety.

MicroEssentials SZ (12-40-0-10%S - 1% Zn)

This balanced nutrition product containing zinc is used on a number of crops, with yield advantages documented in wheat, corn and soybeans.

YaraVita Flex™ (3-15-7- 0.7% B + 0.75% ZN +0.4% MO)

YaraVita Flex is a comprehensive foliar nutrient product that also includes phosphorus. It can be tank mixed with most commonly used pesticides (see for details). It is typically applied at 1L per acre to maximize yield and relieve stress in canola, cereals and pulses.

YaraVita Hydrophos™ (0-29-5-4% Mg)

This fast acting foliar phosphate product can be used on canola, cereals and pulses, providing an energy boost to your crop in-season. Application timing in canola is the 4-leaf to early bolt stage, in cereals is up to and including the flag leaf and in pulses/soybeans is when the crop is 15 cm tall; all typically at 0.8L per acre.

Sulphur (S)

Cargill carries standard products like ammonium sulphate (AMS) and and foliar applied S products.  

The MicroEssentials product line from Mosaic offers a combination of sulphate sulphur and elemental sulphur to ensure your crop has season-long availability of this important nutrient in a single, nutritionally balanced granule.

YaraVera® Amidas® (40-0-0-5.5% S)

This all-in-one granular fertilizer provides crops with nitrogen and sulphate sulphur providing effectively balanced N plus S nutrition and readily available S. This product from Yara is proven to increase nutrient uptake, and offers better handling over blends along with optimal crop nutrition.

YaraVita Thiotrac™ 300 (15-0-0-22.8%S)

Thiotrac is a foliar applied, soluble Sulphur product used to prevent and treat Sulphur deficiency in cereals and canola that can be applied at the stem elongation to grain fill growth stage. This product features rapid uptake by the plant, and this formulation ensures that the correct ratio of nitrogen to Sulphur is maintained at critical stages. The recommended application rate is 2L per acre.


Although micronutrients are required in smaller amounts than macros, they can be key to unlocking additional yield and grain quality. As yields push higher, micronutrient levels see the impact. Cargill offers a range of micronutrient products including some of the most common: boron, copper, manganese, and zinc in granular form, liquid coatings for granular products, foliar-applied products and zinc in MicroEssentials SZ.


YaraVita® Procote®

Procote granular fertilizer coatings come in the form of a singular nutrient or multi-nutrient format. Apply these to a single product, like urea, or as part of a full blend. These coatings allow for even distribution of micronutrients throughout your crop, which means you need less nutrient than a standard granular product.

Cargill has been applying YaraVita Procote micronutrient fertilizer coatings to granular fertilizer for several years. As a leader in bringing this innovative technology to farmers in Western Canada, we know how to help you get the most from this product. Whether it’s working toward yield goals or choosing the right product combinations and blends, we have the experience to help make this product work on your farm.  

Procote single elements for use alone or in combination:

  • Boron (B) 7.1%
  • Copper (Cu) 31.3%
  • Zinc (Zn) 42.6%
  • Manganese (Mn) 29%


Procote multi-element coatings:

  • BCMZ: B 3.6% + Cu 6% + Mn 6% + Zn 12%



YaraVita Foliar Products

The YaraVita foliar line of micronutrients provides a simple to use, high concentration product to give crops access to key nutrients during periods of high nutrient demand. 

YaraVita Bortrac™ (10.9%B)

Used to prevent or address boron deficiency, this product is typically used in canola at 0.4L per acre, up to 10% flower.

YaraVita Coptrac™ (33.0% Cu)

Used in cereals to address copper deficiency, this foliar-applied product is commonly applied at 0.2L per acre at tillering until second node is detectable.

YaraVita Flex™ (3-15-7- 0.7% B + 0.75% ZN +0.4% MO)

YaraVita Flex is a comprehensive foliar nutrient product that also includes phosphorus. It can be tank mixed with most commonly used pesticides (see for details). It is typically applied at 1L per acre to maximize yield and relieve stress in canola, cereals and pulses.

YaraVita Glytrel™ MNP (0-6-0-7.0% Mn)

Targeted for foliar application on soybeans, typically applied with glyphosate at 0.8L per acre early in the plant’s growth cycle (as soon as there is sufficient leaf to cover).

YaraVita Glytrel™ ZNP (0-7-0-7.5% Zn)

A fast-acting foliar phosphate with zinc, Glytrel can be applied with a herbicide early (as soon as there is adequate leaf to cover) at 0.8L per acre in canola, cereals and pulses.

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*Always read and follow label directions.

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