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Nitrogen (N)

Product selection

In addition to standard nitrogen products like urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN), we also carry a number of foliar products and nitrogen stabilizers.



Anvol is the next generation nitrogen stabilizer from Koch. Anvol provides above ground protection by combining NBPT, the same proven active ingredient found in Agrotain, with the patented active ingredient Duromide, delivering the longest-lasting protection against ammonia volatilization, and improved handling and performance across a range of soil conditions compared to NBPT alone. You can apply Anvol to Urea or UAN for all major crops.


Agrotain is a nitrogen stabilizer applied to urea or UAN as a liquid or dry formulation. It’s a proven urease inhibitor that reduces nitrogen loss due to volatilization. With untreated urea, up to 40% of nitrogen can be lost this way in warm or dry conditions Applying Agrotain is one way of both protecting your investment and reducing the environmental impact of fertilizer volatilization. Use Agrotain for urea or UAN being used on all major crops. Cargill carries the full Agrotain product line including Agrotain Ultra and Agrotain Advanced 1.0.


ESN is a Smart Nitrogen urea granule made up of 44% nitrogen, contained within a flexible pllymer coating, designed to protect the N and allow it to release over 50-80 days. Usable on most major crops, the coating slows the release of nitrogen in response to soil temperature, more closely matching nitrogen availability with crop needs throughout the season.


A nitrogen stabilizer from Koch,  Tribune protects UAN from nitrogen loss. Its two active ingredients Pronitridine and NBPT, have been shown to extend protection from ammonia volatilization up to three times longer than without an inhibitor. It also protects from denitrification and leaching, safeguarding your fertilizer investment and the environment.  


YaraVita Last N is a foliar applied nitrogen product designed to complement your macronutrient fertilizer program, ensure sufficiency and allow your crop to finish strong. This product is commonly used on creals at 2L per acre and is typically applied at the flag leaf stage t post anthesis (similar to Fusarium head blight fungicide timing). It can play a role in improving both yield and protein levels in wheat.