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Phosphorus (P)

Product selection

In addition to standard monoammonium phosphate (MAP), we carry a range of enhanced phosphorus products, including MicroEssentials®, which is the market-leading sulphur-enhanced phosphorus product line that combines key nutrients into a single, nutritionally balanced granule, ensuring uniform nutrient distribution across the field.


MicroEssentials S10 (12-40-0-10%S)

A balanced nutrition product from Mosaic, MicroEssentials S10 can be used on a number of crops and has shown substantial yield advantages over MAP.

MicroEssentials S15 (13-33-0-15% S)

For use on a number of crops, this product has shown a yield advantage of up to 4 bushels per acre over MAP or MAP + AMS when used in canola production and can be better for seed safety.

MicroEssentials SZ (12-40-0-10%S - 1% Zn)

This balanced nutrition product containing zinc is used on a number of crops, with yield advantages documented in wheat, corn and soybeans.

YaraVita Flex™ (3-15-7- 0.7% B + 0.75% ZN +0.4% MO)

YaraVita Flex is a comprehensive foliar nutrient product that also includes phosphorus. It can be tank mixed with most commonly used pesticides (see for details). It is typically applied at 1L per acre to maximize yield and relieve stress in canola, cereals and pulses.

YaraVita Hydrophos™ (0-29-5-4% Mg)

This fast acting foliar phosphate product can be used on canola, cereals and pulses, providing an energy boost to your crop in-season. Application timing in canola is the 4-leaf to early bolt stage, in cereals is up to and including the flag leaf and in pulses/soybeans is when the crop is 15 cm tall; all typically at 0.8L per acre.