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Potassium (K)

Product selection

In addition to standard potash (0-0-60) we offer two other products that contain potash along with other nutrients.


AgriPotash™ (0-5-32)

AgriPotash is a fast acting, foliar applied product, ideal for use when soil application isn’t possible. It’s formulated for use on a number of crops, with application timing for cereals at the early tillering to second node detectable stage, 4-6 leaf stage in canola, and before flowering in pulses.

Aspire® (0-0-58-0.5% B)

For use in a number of crops, Aspire is a potassium product from Mosaic. Its two forms of boron allow for even nutrient distribution at the root level across the field and ensure season-long B availability. Boron in the form of sodium borate is available immediately to the plant, while calcium borate releases slowly throughout the growing season.