Make us part of your resistance management plan

Make us part of your resistance management plan

Here’s why a Cargill agronomic advisor is your best resource for stopping the spread of weeds.

  1. We'll provide you with unbiased advice

    Your local Cargill retail location carries the best names in crop protection and seed. Your agronomic advisor knows the strengths and considerations for all the products, and they will recommend what’s best for your farm and its future.

  2. We’re on top of new technology and practices

    Your local agronomic advisor spends a lot of time touring plot trials and visiting farms in your area. They know how local pressures affect your field, and they have the best tools and techniques to tackle your toughest weed challenges.

  3. Your local advisor is backed by Cargill’s network

    From Southern Ontario to the Peace River Valley, Cargill’s agronomists are getting their boots dirty and helping farmers boost their productivity. Your local agronomist draws on the expertise of this national network and is always ready to offer field-level support and advice.

You have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to preventing or managing herbicide resistance on your farm. You don’t have to make them alone. Use our online form to book a free consultation with an agronomist in your area.