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Right from the start

Seed represents potential. Protect your yield from day one. 

Seed treatments are an important layer of protection

Poor emergence right from the start can generate a domino effect throughout the season, leading to things like dirty fields and lower yields. Seed treatments provide an important protective layer for our seed and play a big role in ensuring successful crop establishment.

Here are our top three tips for selecting the seed treatment that’s right for you:

Consider your soil borne pathogens.

Different pathogens tend to prefer certain conditions, making it easy to predict what hidden beasts are lurking in your soil.

For example: The pathogen Rhizoctonia solani thrives in cold, dry conditions. This pathogen is responsible for causing a seedling disease called “wirestem”.

To find out what pathogens are present based on your conditions, check out our handy summary table below:

Temperature Soil Moisture    
  Dry Moist Wet


C.Sativus (Common Root, Spot Blotch)

Fusarium C. Sativus Rhizoctonia

Cold Rhizoctonia

Rhizoctonia Fusarium

Pythium Rhizoctonia


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Get to know your seed source.

You don’t know what you don’t know… until you get your seed tested.


A seed test will tell you germination and vigor values, (germination: % of seeds that germinate under ideal conditions, vigor: % of seeds that germinate under stressful conditions).


A seed test can also tell you what disease pathogens might be looking to “hitch a ride” with your seed. These are called seed-borne diseases and they tend to play a big role in transmitting (spreading) new diseases to new fields. 


Use our Decision Tree to discover the seed protection that's right for you. 

Find out what's bugging you.

Underground feeding insects, like cutworms and wireworms, can do some serious damage to plant stands and are more effectively controlled with insecticide seed treatment (vs. foliar applied). This is especially important for wireworms since they can live for 7+ years. Luckily, there are some great insecticide seed treatment options to put an end to the all-you-can-eat buffet on your crop. 


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Get set for success

Want to ensure you’re protecting your crop’s yield potential right from the start? Here’s what you need to know.

The right solution for your seed

Use our decision tree to discover the seed protection that's right for you.

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Applying seed treatment with Storm Seed Treater a “no-brainer”

Using a service like Cargill’s Storm Pro Mobile Seed Treater takes the guesswork out of seed treatment. A properly calibrated auger & applicator ensure that you’re not over- or under-treating your seed. We can bring the seed treater to you to ensure your seed is ready to go when you are.

Watch to see why our customers say booking on-farm seed treatment is a “no-brainer.”