Cargill will not accept grain with treated seed to protect the food and feed supply chain

Written by Corporate Affairs
on May 27 2015
Category: Sell Grain

Grain deliveries containing treated seed have been turning up at our elevators. We are required by law to reject grain deliveries with treated seed.

Cargill Ag Horizon’s Canada is committed to a sustainable and safe food and feed supply chain.  Over the past several weeks we have experienced a significant number of grain commodities arriving at our Western Grain Elevator system that contain suspect or have been confirmed Treated Seed. 

As a licensed Grain Handling Operation in Canada, we have a legal responsibility under the Canadian Grain Act to do our part to preserve and protect the supply chain to the best of our ability and are required by law to reject grain with Treated Seed.  Even the smallest amount of treated seed can cause big problems.   Grain deliveries contaminated with treated seed cost our business, industry and increases our risk profile.  As a producer, you need to know that these costs could be passed back to you. 

Please be assured Cargill is doing our part to protect the health and safety of Canadians and our Export partners.  Thank-you for your understanding and commitment to protect our industry.   

To read the Canada Grain Act or learn more on how you can prevent treated seed in deliveries, visit