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Enhance Contracts

Boost your contract price. And your bottom line.

A hands-on approach to grain marketing.

Are you confident in your grain marketing skills, but looking for new ways to add diversity to your grain marketing plan? Enhance contracts give you control over your grain marketing to act on your market bias. Take advantage of market opportunities and get premium prices for your grain. 


Compare Enhance Contracts

Premium Offer

Get a premium price for your grain. Sell new or old grain now for an enhanced cash price. In exchange, make a Firm Offer to sell the same number of bushels for deferred delivery at an established price.

key features flag icon Sell grain today for an enhanced cash price.
key features flag icon Agree to a Firm Offer for like quantity if the futures price is at or above a target price on an established pricing date.
key features flag icon Deliver your additional bushels if the market is at or above your Firm Offer.
key features flag icon You keep your premium, even if the Firm Offer isn’t triggered.


See when to use a Premium Offer contract  Contact us to connect with a Cargill rep

Use if your market bias is:


neutral icon Neutral

Focal Point

Sell now. Participate in potential upside market movement. Use this contract when you need to sell grain — or have already sold — but you aren’t happy with today’s price. Deliver grain now, express your bias, and stay in the market during the pricing period.

key features flag icon Establish an initial price on a selected futures reference month.
key features flag icon Automatically re-enter the market if conditions change — with the potential to enhance the contract price.
key features flag icon Set your final Focal Point price any time before the final pricing deadline.


See when to use a Focal Point contract  Contact us to connect with a Cargill rep


Use if your market bias is:


bull icon Bull

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Enhance contracts in your grain marketing plan.

Enhance contracts are a great option if you're bullish about the market, like to have control over your pricing, and want to take a hands-on approach to selling your grain. They can be tied to a variety of other contracts to help diversify your grain marketing plan while allowing you to actively participate in the market. Work with your Cargill representative to find the best way to implement one of these contracts into your current plan.