Foundational Contracts

Lay the foundation of a diversified grain marketing plan.

Looking to reduce risk and capitalize on opportunities?
Start on solid ground.

Whether you’re building a new grain marketing plan or you’ve been managing your grain marketing for years, foundational contracts are a great way to start building a diversified plan. These contracts are designed to take the complexity out of choosing how and when you sell, add discipline to your plan, help you get the best price for your grain, and help protect you from volatile markets. 


Compare Foundational Contracts


Put the MarketPros to work for you. Managed contracts — built with farmers, for farmers — to eliminate the stress of tracking markets and deciding how and when to sell your grain.

  • Based on your delivery period and comfort with forward marketing, choose one or more of three different contract types – InventoryPro, ProPricing or HarvestPro.
  • Cargill MarketPros analyze the markets and market your grain.
  • Price out any week during the window.
  • Stay in control with flexible delivery, forward marketing, and diversification.
Use when the market is:
  • Bull
  • Bear
  • Neutral

What is ProPricing HarvestPro?

HarvestPro is a ProPricing contract for grain delivered at harvest, giving you the ability to deliver out of the field, with the futures component of your contract priced later based on Cargill’s global market perspective.

It's the newest ProPricing contract type that will take the decision stress off your plate while keeping complete control in your hands.


Keep pace and establish benchmarks with average daily pricing. A simple, straightforward way to build a price for your grain, take advantage of seasonality, and reduce both the stress and risk of trying to time the market.

  • Your grain is marketed every day. At the end of the contract, you get the average price.
  • Establish your basis any time prior to delivery and price out at any time.
  • Set it and forget it — auto-executes throughout your selected time period.
Use when the market is:
  • Bull
  • Bear
  • Neutral

Foundational contracts in your grain marketing plan.

Foundational contracts are a great way to start diversifying your grain marketing plan, no matter what time of year or how comfortable you feel with grain marketing. Whether you want to take advantage of Cargill’s experience and insights, diversify your portfolio without managing individual contracts, or establish a baseline for future grain marketing, you can start off on solid ground with foundational contracts.