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You already enjoy the benefits of MarketSense®. 

Now share with a friend and get even more. 

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Refer a friend or neighbour to the MarketSense® grain marketing program, and you qualify for your choice of three great rewards. The more referrals you make, the more rewards you qualify for!

Enter your information below and you qualify for these three rewards:

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Save $10/tonne on Fertilizer

Save $10/MT of fertilizer up to $5,000 and receive an additional $5/MT if your purchase includes YaraVita® Procote®.

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Receive a $1,500 Premium

Get a premium applied to your basis or Cargill grain contracting solution on a future grain delivery.

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Receive a 10% Subscription Discount

Reward yourself with a 10% discount on your next subscription to the MarketSense program.

2024 WorthSharing Winner

Check out this year's lucky winner, Beverly Weiben of Red Star Farms from Fairview, AB!

When you refer a friend, they get entered into a grand prize draw to win $5,000 and the winner is selected at the end of May. When you refer someone to the program, you can both benefit!

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*Rewards apply when new referral signs a MarketSense subscription of $12,000 or more. Rewards must be used within 12 months from time new client signs onto MarketSense. Referring client can use the premium or fertilizer rebate on an existing contract provided it is not delivered or partially delivered. MarketSense WorthSharing Rewards Program Contest will be a randomized draw, no purchase necessary, and take place on May 31, 2025.

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