Get rewarded for being a 
good steward of your land.


Sustainable Canola Program

Cargill is looking for growers like you, who can help meet the demand for canola grown sustainably in Canada.

All you need to do is identify the area your canola is grown and answer some simple questions about your land. Cargill can then access greater export markets on your behalf and you are potentially eligible for exclusive premiums offered only to certified growers.

To be eligible, your canola must be grown on land that is:

Not forested or wooded

Not home to rare, threatened or endangered species

Not wetland or peatland

Not designated as a protected area

Not highly biodiverse

Not continually forested

Contracting and sign-up are simple and can be done online.

If you'd like to be recognized for the sustainability of your operation and deliver to Cargill in Yorkton, Dauphin, Oakner, Elva, Nesbitt, Elm Creek or Morris, ask your Cargill representative how you can get involved. Help open doors to the growing market for sustainable Canadian canola.

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